10 College Care Package Ideas

In the not so distant past, I was a college student. I recall brimming with excitement for all the new adventures to come, but also realizing that I was now mostly on my own.  Luckily, I had grown accustomed to taking care of my laundry, cleaning up around the house and making dinner for myself, but there were so many things that I had taken for granted.

I was surrounded by thousands of people and tons of new friends, but there were many times where I felt lonely and homesick. Luckily, my school was only 30 miles from where I grew up and I often went home to visit family and friends.  I couldn’t imagine was it was like for the students that were thousands of miles away from their families.

College Care Package Ideas

Even though it cannot replace quality time with loved ones, a care package is a great way to stay connected and support a friend or a loved one.  I have compiled a list of 10 care package ideas to get your student through the school year. I have also included suggestions on what to include.

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1. Exam / Finals Care Package

  • Note with words of encouragement
  • Emergen-C / Airborne
  • 5 Hour Energy
  • Starbucks / Coffee Shop Gift Card
  • Coffee / Tea
  • Gum
  • Pens / Pencils / Highlighters

College Care Package Flap Decoration Ideas

2. Relax / Support Care Package

3. Movie Night Care Package

  • Card / Note
  • Popcorn
  • Popcorn Topping
  • Candy
  • Movie / iTunes / Amazon Gift Card


Birthday Care Package ideas

4. Birthday Care Package

  • Birthday card / note
  • Gift Card
  • Snacks

5. Thinking of You Care Package

Thinking of you, Covid, Sympathy Care Package Ideas


6. Football / Sports Care Package

  • Snacks
  • Team color themed items

College Care Package ideas

7. Sweets / Cookies / Snacks Care Package

  • Cookies / Baked Goods / Snacks

College and deployment care package ideas

    8. Get Well / Stay Healthy Care Package

    • Card / Note
    • OTC Medication
    • Emergen-C / Airborne
    • Band-Aids
    • Alcohol Wipes
    • Neosporin / (name of drug)
    • Sanitizing Wipes
    • Lip Balm
    • Cough Drops

    8. I Miss You Care Package

    • Card / Note
    • Snacks
    • Something to remind them of home 

    10. Holidays: Valentine's Day / St. Patrick's DayHalloween 

    • Card /Note
    • Candy
    • Snacks

     Halloween Care Package Ideas