Final Exam Care Package Ideas for College Students

Finals can be a stressful time for high school and college students. Send some encouragement and an emotional boost for their exams with a care package created just for them.


What should I include in a Finals Care Package?

A mixture of treats, nourishing foods, useful supplies, and tools for relaxation. Things like office supplies, study tools, gift cards, self-care items (face masks, aromatherapy, cozy socks), and food are great additions for a finals survival kit care package.

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My favorite things to include :

    • On-the-go snacks They probably won’t have much time or energy to make nutritious meals like Cliff Bars, Quest Bars and other protein packed items.
    • Healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit or dark chocolate.
    • Vitamins Emergen-C or Gummy Vitamins for an immunity boost.
    • Caffeine a Starbucks gift card is always nice, but you can also include coffee and tea packs. 


    • Note or Card some extra words or support and encouragement will always be welcome during stressful times.
    • Supplies you can never have enough pens, pencils, Post-its folders and paper clips. 

    • Gift Cards you can reward their hard work by treating them to a lunch or dinner gift cards like SubwayChipotle, Pizza Hut etc. are good options.



    There are many options here. You can purchase a cute gift box or take a regular shipping box and wrap the inside with wrapping paper, but our favorite way is to use a Care Package Sticker Kit. 

    Care Package Sticker Kits are designed specifically for USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes. All you do it peel and stick to create a beautiful and vibrant gift. Check out some great College and Finals Week themed kits. 


    Sticker kit for usps shipping box care package




      USPS offers a great way to send care packages. You can fill a USPS Flat Rate box with up to 70 lbs of items for one flat rate. You can order these boxes free from your local post office or online at the USPS Store. The most popular sizes for care packages are Medium Flat Rate Boxes and Large Flat Rate Boxes

      Click here to learn more about USPS Priority Mail Shipping.