Gift Ideas for Dad - Father's Day, Birthday

I have always found my Dad to be the hardest person to buy for. He wants very little and what he does what he buys himself. This makes for a very difficult gift-giving experience every Father’s Day Birthday and Christmas. There have only been a handful of times when I actually had a “good” gift idea. A gift I thought he would be really excited about.
Over the years I have found that it is much easier and more enjoyable to choose a theme rather than one gift. Once I have chosen a theme, I choose a few small gifts that together will create a more personalized and thoughtful gift.

What are his hobbies? What does he enjoy? When you identify this, use it as your theme. Here are some examples:

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 Golf gift box care package stickers








These stickers are a great way to complete the golf theme. These care package sticker kits are created specifically for USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes, but come in five sizes that can be used on almost any box. You can even request custom sizing. You can check out the whole Father's Day Collection here.  

Professional Sports

What is his favorite sports team? Create a gift with the team’s colors you can include:

sports cookies

Here is a super cute set from Sweet Cloud Kitchen

Football gift box care package stickers


Fishing tackle box


 Kindle reader online digital book


mens travel toiletries bag for fathers day dad 

Subscription Box

These curated boxes have been growing in popularity over the last few years. You re now able to gift food, drinks, clothing and much more via a monthly subscription box. Here are a few that Dad may love:

butcher box meat steak subscription service for father's day

BBQ/ Grilling

mens bbq grilling apron for father's day dad



    • This is a more DIY project and I am sure he will love it. I have been gifting Photo Albums to my family as a yearly tradition. Most of our treasured memories are stuck on a phone and you can forget how enjoyable it is to flip through a photo album. If you haven’t printed photos in a while you can get a large 250-400 picture photo album, but I enjoy the 200 picture size. They are smaller and easier to manage. I really like these Pioneer Photo Albums they have multiple colors so you can get a different color every year.

    pioneer fabric photo album 200

    • My favorite places to print photos is at CVS or Walgreens. You can easily upload photos from your computer or phone via the CVS app and most prints are ready within 24 hours. Make sure to check for the discount codes. I have seen discounts are large as 50% off!


    I hope this gave you a few ideas for Father's Day. We can get so wrapped up in gift-giving that it can become stressful. Remember, it's supposed to be enjoyable. If you have fun creating the gift, I'm sure Dad will love it too.